Cancellation Policy

In order to maintain quality treatment programs and maximize your child’s success, we have instituted cancellation policies to ensure that your child’s visits are as consistent as possible.

These policies are effective June 1, 2004 until further revision and serve to replace any prior cancellation policies. Cancellation fee updated March 12, 2015.

If you need to cancel your visit, please inform your therapist as soon as possible – no less than 24 hours in advance. We understand that occasional emergencies arise or children become suddenly ill and we will try to work with you. Please notify us as soon as you are aware that your child will not be attending his/her therapy session for these reasons. This will allow us to plan our schedules accordingly.

We will make every effort to reschedule your visit in the same week if possible.

If no prior cancellation is made, or cancellation occurs with less than 24 hour notice (with the exception of illness/emergencies) on three (3) separate occasions, a $40.00 fee will be assessed at the next visit. Dynamic Therapy for Kids also reserves the right to discharge your child after 3 missed sessions without prior cancellations.

If you are having problems keeping your scheduled appointments, a meeting will be arranged with the clinic director to resolve.

This cancellation policy requires parent signature and submission. You can download this form here.