Occupational Therapy

Since the work of children is play, it is through play that occupational therapy assists children in learning necessary living skills. Our Occupational Therapist utilize purposeful/goal-directed activities to prevent, lessen, or overcome disabilities relating to self-care skills (feeding, dressing, and bathing), fine motor skills (hand skills and dexterity), neuro-motor development, sensory motor skills, and play skills. It is the therapist’s goal to enhance your child’s potential throughout their developmental years and build skills and self-confidence that last a lifetime.

Our Occupational Therapists specialize in (but are not limited to):


Special areas of training for our OT’s include:

  • Training in Floortime methods
  • TherapeuticListening (Registered title) trained
  • Handwriting Without Tears (Registered title) trained
  • Training in Sensory Motor Integration/Sensory Processing