Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy focuses primarily on the child’s gross motor (or large muscle) skills. These may include rolling, sitting, crawling, walking, and jumping. The goal of Physical Therapy is to improve the child’s functional skills. Treatments are typically focused on increasing developmental skills, motor planning skills, balance, and coordination.

Our Pediatric Physical Therapists specialize in (but are not limited to):


Cerebral Palsy

Down Syndrome

Spina Bifida

Muscular Distrophy

Seizure Disorders

Developmental Motor Delay

Hypotonia / Hypertonia

Torticollis / Plagiocephaly


Our PT’s are trained in the following treatment techniques:

*Neurodevelopmental Treatment Techniques
*Therapeutic Taping
*Cascade Orthotics
*Infant/Pediatric Massage
*Developmental Progression techniques

Dynamic Therapy’s PT’s have a combined 100 years experience, making our therapists some of the most knowledgeable in the area!